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Autumn Fawcett

About The Artist

Autumn Fawcett was born in 1985 in Sioux Falls, SD where she lived, worked and studied, until 2005, at which point she immigrated to Canada to be with her new husband. Her passion for art started at an early age, while observing her mother, Julie Crawford, who’s casual approach to art was an inspiration. One of her favorite pastimes, which was the spark of passion for art on the skin,  was watching TGIF while drawing on her mothers back with markers. Autumn was never in one place for very long and often the source of bulling at new schools. She acquired a keen skill to become a fly on the wall, a humble observer of life, nature, and its beauty. As she sweetened, she was often found mellowing while translating her observations to drawings, paintings, sketching and photographs in her spare time 


Autumn pursued a tattoo apprenticeship in 2008, tattooing simple designs, she acquired many of the basics essential to becoming a tattoo artist. This was the same year she had her first child, Ava Fawcett, who brought so much joy to her life. After the days of apprenticing were behind her she quickly absorbed as much information as she could on the art of realism. As her talent grew, so did the resentment of fellow artist at the tattoo shops. In 2010 she had her second child, Ace Fawcett, who was full of smiles and brought laughter to her home. However the tension from other artists at the tattoo shops began to feel like a noose around her neck suffocating all desire to create. Things had to change, over night her biggest ally, her husband Ben Fawcett, made the decision to become a business owner and open a private tattoo studio. Her next few weeks were renovations and health board approvals but it was worth it, her talent began to flourish with each passing day. She was finally free to experiment with the theories on realism she had acquired.


Autumn uses her knowledge of different techniques and utilizes various supplies to achieve the desired effect. She enjoys working with ink, acrylic, water-colours, pastels, lead, and loves to balance vibrant contrast, flow, energy and texture in her work. Autumn’s art is mostly realistic, drawing from the beauty The Supreme Creator has fashioned. She often enjoys drawing, painting and tattooing flowers which are a representation of beauty but like beauty it quickly fades, here today and gone tomorrow, an adequate portrayal of our lives.  


Autumn’s spirituality influences her art, and she aspires to translate her connection to this internal energy onto every canvas by telling a story with colours, shapes and figures. Every Stroke is a materialization of her deep rooted spirituality and emotion. 






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